Get More Refinishing Jobs with Our Lead Generation System

Our lead generation system connects you with homeowners who are actively seeking refinishing services. All leads are unique and exclusive to you. Here’s how it works:

  1. A homeowner submits a request for refinishing service.
  2. We ensure that it matches your service area and expertise.
  3. You contact the homeowner, close the job and collect a deposit.

What makes us Special?

With 10 years of experience as refinishing contractors in Vancouver, we understand what it takes to succeed in this industry. Finding reliable lead providers is a challenge, so we created our own. Our focus is providing high-quality refinishing leads to contractors seeking more jobs. We developed a profitable lead generation system for our own companies and expanded it to contractors in different cities and countries. Using proven strategies, we are now the largest exclusive lead provider for refinishing contractors, specializing in floor refinishers.

Our extensive industry knowledge ensures we generate the best leads. No long-term commitments or contracts required – you only pay if our services work for you. We are not HomeAdvisor or a directory, we deliver Quality and Exclusive Leads. Expect 15-240 new refinishing leads per month, depending on your location.Your success matters to us. Count on us for a consistent flow of high-quality leads.

Need more than just leads?

For Refinishers who are looking for more than just a steady flow of jobs. We offer an exclusive partnership with the 1 DAY® Refinishing Company. Join forces with us to take your business to a new level with flow of leads, our proven sales system, streamlined operations, high-profit margins, national brand recognition, and ongoing support. Our business model has been successfully implemented in over 50 cities across the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK

What is 1 DAY® Refinishing Model?

The 1 DAY® Refinishing Model is a turn-key business opportunity that is perfect for refinishers of all levels who want to grow their business. It eliminates the need for a shop, warehouse, tools, and employees, making it an overhead-free and lucrative option. With low to no initial investment, high-margin revenues, quick return and turnaround, and a step-by-step blueprint, our partnership is an attractive opportunity for anyone with a business mindset. Our partners receive a step-by-step roadmap, national brand recognition, quality leads and built-in marketing, a proven sales system, streamlined operations, high-profit margins, ongoing support, and freedom and flexibility. The best part is that partners can earn between $12,300 and $28,640 per month without having to physically use the tools or perform labor-intensive tasks. Our business model has been successfully implemented in over 50 cities across the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK. So, if you are a refinisher who aspires to more than just a steady flow of jobs, become our new partner and grow your business with us.


Cezar operated as a Floor Refinishing Contractor in Vancouver, Canada for roughly 15 years before becoming a partner of 1 DAY® Refinishing Company.

“After 15 years in the refinishing industry, I have finally shifted in my business to OWN my day and so my business does not own me. 6 crews are working for me now, and my main job is meeting with clients. I have been doing everything by the 1 Day refinishing model blueprint – because it works!”


Joe (Kingston, ON🇨🇦)

Will (East Rockaway, NY🇺🇸)

James (New York, USA🇺🇸)

David (Melbourne, Australia)

Growing my business by the blueprint. I have 4 crews working under my belt, and one of them is the company I worked for as a sales rep. Life is good 🙂

Claudio (Maple Ridge, Canada)

Been in the refinishing all my life, and now want to grow, I’m just starting and getting about 30 Jobs Requests and close almost half of them! Learning how to charge double what I usually used to charge

Ben (Victoria, Canada)

I don’t have to chase jobs anymore, leads are coming in and people know about the company. I hear all the times that clients like the website and these reviews.. its a hot spot to be..

Why 1 DAY® Refinishing Partners are Successful?

Request access to our New Partner Presentation today and discover how our proven business model and step-by-step blueprint can help you start earning between $12,300 and $28,640 per month without touching the tools!

Frequently Asked Questions

Cost & Earnings. How Much Can I make as a Partner?

As per our 2022 reports, our prime partners are earning an impressive income of between $12,300 and $28,640 per month, with some even earning more. !

In fact, our partners make an average of $1.3 to $2.8 in net profit per square foot of each job they book without touching tools or doing any labor themselves. This is a testament to the effectiveness of our system, which is designed to help partners scale their businesses and maximize their profits.

Am I qualified? Can Anyone become 1 DAY® Refinishing Partner?

This opportunity is perfect for anyone with a business mindset, whether you’re a current floor sander looking to grow your business or a sales rep looking for a new opportunity. In fact about 35% of our partners are not from the skilled trade industry and had zero knowledge about floor refinishing before they started. Our model is a step-by-step blueprint, easy to learn and apply.

Can I just get leads without becoming a partner?

Yes, absolutely! If you’re not interested in becoming a partner and growing your business through our 1 DAY® Refinishing Business Model, we can still provide you with quality refinishing leads. We understand that not everyone has the same goals or desires for business growth, so we’re here to support you in the way that suits your needs best.


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